Part toy.
Part chemistry experiment.
A whole new way of learning.

Bring this set of six beautifully designed wooden blocks to life through augmented reality with the Elements 4D app.

Elements 4D Educational Materials

Explore 4D in your classroom with inspiring and useful chemistry lesson plans, crafted by a group of talented teachers. Work Elements 4D into your curriculum today.

An immersive, inspiring & interactive learning experience.

"The cubes helped bring the elements to life and opened up a whole new level of learning for my students."

Katie AnnTeacher

"For chemical reactions that were too dangerous to complete in the lab, it was a great supplemental resource."

Courtney PepeHigh School Teacher,
Monroe Township, New Jersey

"I can't tell you how amazing it was – just to see them so engaged and wanting to do more."

Lori Green8th Grade Teacher,

How it works

Each block face depicts a different chemical symbol, representing the elements of the Periodic Table.

See the Elements in 4D

Open the Elements 4D App and point your device at the block face illustrating the element you want to view.

Combine Two Elements

Next, introduce a second element. Move the two blocks together until they touch.

Marvel at the Reaction You’ve Created!

If nothing happens, those elements don’t combine. Try another combination.

Explore Elements 4D in action.

Click below to start the demo, then use the arrows to cycle through different reactions.


Elements 4D Blocks

Designed with love by DAQRI, Elements 4D is a fun way to learn real chemistry and experience augmented reality.

Download Paper Blocks


Thanks for downloading the Elements 4D blocks! If you're a fan of Elements 4D or of Augmented Reality in the classroom, we'd love to know your thoughts!